Double Diamond Property Owner Association

110 Club Drive
Fritch, TX 79036

President:  Daymun White    On Board - Jun 2011


My wife, Nancy and I, purchased our home in DDPOA in January 2009.  I was asked in June 2011 to fill a vacant position on the Board of Directors.  I have two sons, two lovely daughter-in-laws, and five grandchildren.  My first career was in the church as a pastor, and my second was in public education as a teacher/coach, counselor, and administrator.  I was superintendent of the Sanford-Fritch Independent School District when I retired in June 2010. 

I am grateful to those board members who served previously and their efforts to make DDPOA a desirable place to live.  My intention as a board member for DDPOA is to work with the board and the members of DDPOA to make it an even better place to live. As in every community we have many members who display a great deal of pride in their homes, and I want to do all I can to support them in their efforts.  I see our Restrictive Covenants and Regulations as tools to protect their investments.  I believe your involvement as a member of DDPOA is crucial to our success and survival, and I am willing to hear any and all points of view and suggestions for how to make DDPOA a better community.  I look forward to working with you and hearing from you.  

Director: Tarja Brown     On Board - March 2021



I love this city and the community of Double Diamond! Even though I have only lived in Double Diamond since July of 2015, I have lived in Fritch for all of my life except the first 5. My husband, Russell, is also from Fritch and we are raising our son Rayson here too. I am a teacher at the Elementary school and this will be my 17th year teaching. I love working with kids and have the skills that require me to work with others, plan, and listen. I also enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the lake that is basically our “backyard.” I look forward to working with the board and members of DDPOA to keep our backyard clean and safe for everyone.


Director:  Rhonda Lantelme   On Board - 2004

I have lived in Double Diamond for 30 years with my husband Dean and my two children Lacey and J.T.  The past 18 years I have been on the DDPOA board.  During this period, I have volunteered my time to run the pool and oversee the clubhouse and grounds.  My goals are to redo the tennis courts and playground area, finish repaving the remainder of the roads, and last but not least, clean up some of the abandoned trailers.

Director:   Lisa Smith         On Board - July 2021


My husband,  Joe, and I bought our forever home in January,  2017 here in Double Diamond.  We have 5 children, 4 bonus in-law children and 12 grandchildren.  All but 6 live in Fritch.  We love it here! My family has given me the nickname "the crazy deer corn lady" because I always have to make sure the deer have their corn each evening.  I volunteered for the board position because of my love for this little community.  I want to help maintain, improve and keep it a wonderful little community to live in.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve the DDPOA.  



Director: Betsy Capilla        On Board - July 2021

 My husband, Keith and I, purchased our home in Double Diamond in 2016.  Even though we don’t live in Fritch full time, we love spending time here enjoying the quiet beauty of nature.  We also love seeing all the wildlife and sharing time with our family every chance we get.  We have 3 sons, two lovely daughters in-love and 4 grandchildren who also enjoy boating, kayaking, canoeing, camping, hiking the trails, and enjoying nature. I grew up in White Deer which is a small community like Fritch, so it feels like home to me.  I spent my summers enjoying Lake Meredith, so when Keith and I got the opportunity to purchase a home here, we jumped on it!  We love the people and the community.  I volunteered for the board position because I think it is important to support all efforts to maintain and improve this little community so that future generations will have the opportunity to continue to enjoy it as well.  I look forward to working, and serving with the members of the DDPOA.


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